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N e o T R I P S
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Who We Are

Dr Katie Evans


Dr Emily Prior

Research Lead

Dr Catherine Longley


Dr Justinas Teiserskas

Communications Lead

Dr Joanna O’Sullivan

Communications lead

Dr Lauren Ferretti

Patient & Public Involvement Lead

Dr Cheryl Battersby

Senior Consultant Support

Dr Devangi Thakkar

Senior Consultant Support

Dr Alessandra Maggioni

NeoTRIPS coordinator


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Our Aim

NeoTRIPS is a national neonatal study group, which aims to improve neonatal care for patients and families through large scale quality improvement projects.

NeoTRIPS was set up in London in 2019 and has had a central rotational committee including many trainees over the last few years – many of whom now work as neonatal consultants.

NeoTRIPs has now expanded nationally to continue developing collaborative projects across the UK

NeoTRIPS harnesses the power of enthusiastic trainees rotating between hospitals and provides research and quality improvement opportunities in line with the curriculum from the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.

Projects are developed to answer pertinent neonatal questions, targeting large patient numbers over short timeframes using the power of the trainee network.

NeoTRIPS aims to empower paediatric trainees to take on lead roles locally and nationally, developing skills in research and quality improvement.

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Regional Members

Dr Cat Black

Northern Ireland Regional Lead

Dr Shavin Chellen

Kent, Surrey & Sussex Regional Lead

Dr Arameh Aghababaie

North-East London Regional Lead

Dr Nathan Collicott

South-West Regional Lead

Dr Lizaveta Collins

East of England Regional Lead

Dr Emma Williams

South-West London Regional Lead

Dr Almutassem Kazkaz

Wales Regional Lead

Dr ​Spandana Rupa Madabhushi

East of England Regional Lead

Dr Craig Haverstock

Scotland Regional Lead

Dr Caroline Fraser

Yorkshire & Humber Regional Lead

Dr Jennifer Peterson

North-West Regional Lead

Dr Andrada Bianu

North-West London Regional Lead

Dr Teim Eyo

West Midlands Regional Lead

Dr Kate Hooper

Thames Valley & Wessex Regional Lead

Dr Namita Anand

Thames Valley & Wessex Regional Lead

Dr Brandy Cox

East Midlands Regional Lead
Team Member

Focusing Your Mind, with The
Best Expert.


NeoTRIPs QI Consultant Application 2022

The ethos of NeoTRIPS is to equip trainees with quality improvement and research skills by providing opportunities to get involved or lead national projects with support fromthe NeoTRIPS central committee. This includes Dr Cheryl Battersby and Dr Devangi Thakkar, consultant co-founders with clinical and academic expertise.


NeoTRIPs are recruiting a Consultant with expertise in quality improvement to join the team to help co-ordinate future trainee-led quality improvement projects. They will work closely with the central committee; in particular with the QI trainee lead. The Consultant Lead will be responsible for selecting suitable QI projects, supporting trainees to design projects, develop protocols, training resources and co-ordinate national studies. There will be opportunity to work with the BAPM and other related organisations. The post is for 2 years and the postholder must ensure they will be able to dedicate time to NeoTRIPs.


We are looking for a consultant enthusiastic about supporting trainees, with experience and expertise in quality improvement, and can demonstrate strong leadership and team working skills.

Regional Leads (Wales and Northern ODNs)

2 posts (Northern ODN and Wales ODN)

This role will encompass promotion of specific NeoTRIPs projects, recruitment of local lead trainees for projects and attendance at committee meetings. Regional leads will be responsible for keeping up to date logs of all local lead trainees and assisting them throughout projects with the support of the central committee. The time-commitment is likely to average at around 30 minutes to 1 hour per week and we anticipate regional leads staying in post for a maximum of 2 years as per their preference. 

Education Lead (UK)

This role will encompass organisation and promotion of a NeoTRIPs/BAPM joint study day. The vision is to run a study day to fill the gap in research knowledge for many trainees outside of conventional academic pathways and support those who are interested in developing their research and QI skills. This concept is still in its infancy so the lead trainee would need to have vision and initiative to design and organise the day, with support from the NeoTRIPs central committee. The time-commitment is likely to be about 1-2 hours a week but condensed more around the timing of the course (to be confirmed as per successful candidate’s preferences). Education leads may stay in post for a maximum of 2 years.  Previous experience in organisation of educational training days desirable but not essential!

Quality Improvement Lead (UK)

This role is designed to develop the quality improvement arm of the NeoTRIPs network. The successful applicant will be responsible for leading on any selected QI initiatives, working closely with BAPM or other related organisations and co-ordinating recruitment to projects through the regional representatives and the local lead trainees. The time- commitment is likely to be about 1-2 hours a week. QI leads may stay in post for a maximum of 2 years. No formal academic qualifications or experience required, however, previous high quality QI involvement a bonus!