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Who We Are

Dr Katie Evans


Dr Emily Prior


Dr Catherine Longley


Dr Justinas Teiserskas

Communications Lead

Dr Joanna O’Sullivan


Dr Lauren Ferretti

Patient & Public Involvement Lead

Dr Cheryl Battersby

Senior Consultant Support

Dr Devangi Thakkar

Senior Consultant Support

Dr Lizaveta Collins

Education Co-Lead / East of England Regional Lead

Dr Aneurin Young

Research lead

Dr Michelle Fernandes

Research lead

Dr Chantelle Tomlinson

Quality Improvement Consultant

Dr Aless Glover

Quality Improvement Co-Lead

Dr Emma Alexander

Quality Improvement Co-Lead

Dr Evangelia Myttaraki

Education Co-Lead

Tilak Manjunath

Communications Co-Lead


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Our Aim

NeoTRIPS is a national neonatal study group, which aims to improve neonatal care for patients and families through large scale quality improvement projects.

NeoTRIPS was set up in London in 2019 and has had a central rotational committee including many trainees over the last few years – many of whom now work as neonatal consultants.

NeoTRIPs has now expanded nationally to continue developing collaborative projects across the UK

NeoTRIPS harnesses the power of enthusiastic trainees rotating between hospitals and provides research and quality improvement opportunities in line with the curriculum from the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.

Projects are developed to answer pertinent neonatal questions, targeting large patient numbers over short timeframes using the power of the trainee network.

NeoTRIPS aims to empower paediatric trainees to take on lead roles locally and nationally, developing skills in research and quality improvement.

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Regional Members

Dr Kate Hooper

Thames Valley & Wessex Regional Lead

Dr Mia Kahvo

South-West Regional Lead

Dr Annelies Mitchell

Wessex Regional Lead

Dr Sam Jefferys

Welsh Regional Lead

Dr Fergus Harden

Northern Ireland Regional Lead

Dr Jasmine Taylor

North West Regional Lead

Dr Barah Hassan

North-East Regional Lead

Dr Sandipto Dhar

South East London Regional Lead

Dr Jayne Sage

Wales Regional Lead

Dr Shreesh Bhat

Yorkshire & Humber Regional Lead

Dr Eileen Foster

West Midlands Regional Lead

Dr Brandy Cox

East Midlands Regional Lead

Dr Namita Anand

Thames Valley & Wessex Regional Lead

Dr Cat Black

Northern Ireland Regional Lead

Dr Teim Eyo

West Midlands Regional Lead

Dr Andrada Bianu

North-West London Regional Lead

Dr Jennifer Peterson

North-West Regional Lead

Dr Caroline Fraser

Yorkshire & Humber Regional Lead

Dr Craig Haverstock

Scotland Regional Lead

Dr ​Spandana Rupa Madabhushi

East of England Regional Lead

Dr Emma Williams

South-West London Regional Lead

Dr Lizaveta Collins

Education Co-Lead / East of England Regional Lead

Dr Nathan Collicott

South-West Regional Lead

Dr Arameh Aghababaie

North-East London Regional Lead

Dr Shavin Chellen

Kent, Surrey & Sussex Regional Lead
Team Member

Focusing Your Mind, with The
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Project proposals

Dear NeoTRIPs Network, 


This month we are calling for project proposals for the upcoming year. If you are interested in proposing a project then please complete the project form below. 


Submissions are being accepted until 15th October.



As a project lead you will be supported by the central committee and get to lead a “national multi-site research/QI project”. We aim to present and publish projects and as the lead you will be encouraged and supported in doing this. You ideally need a consultant that supports your proposal but we can discuss this if you don’t have one. You can also apply with an idea even if you don’t want to lead the project, but please make this clear on the form. 



As an example, our recent neonatal sepsis project and probiotic use project have both been published in the last 6 months. Some of the initial data from the NIC-TECH survey that was completed earlier this year was presented at the jENS international conference this year in Rome.