Current Projects

Postnatal management of well-babies found to have a cardiac murmur during NIPE: A pan-London prospective service evaluation audit (2022)

  • A regional, prospective, observation study looking at management of the well infant noted to have a murmur during the newborn period.
  • Study protocol
  • Poster
  • Trainee Leads – Dominic Carr, Katie Evans, Catherine Longely, Joanna O’Sullivan, Emily Prior & Justinas Teiserakas.
  • Consultant Leads – Dr Cheryl Battersby, Dr Devangi Thakkar, & Dr Hannah Bellsham-Revell.

Future Projects

    Evaluating the use of probiotics in UK neonatal units: a national, trainee-led survey
    Trainee lead Dr Neaha Patel
    Consultant Lead Dr Paul Fleming

Past Projects

Management of early onset sepsis in neonates on the postnatal ward (2019)

  • A prospective, multicentre, observational study evaluating the current management of suspected early onset sepsis against the NICE guideline CG149 and the Kaiser Permanente Sepsis Risk Calculator.
  • This study was conducted across 13 neonatal units in London.
  • Study protocol
  • Trainee Leads – Devangi Thakkar, Jessica Kimpton, Amit Verma, Sophia Teoh & Alison Mintoft
  • Consultant Lead – Dr Chinthika Piyasena

Pan-London early onset sepsis observational study (2020-2021)

  • A regional, prospective, observational study evaluating the number of ‘missed cases’ of early onset sepsis when following NICE CG149 guidelines vs the Kaiser Permanente Sepsis Risk Calculator (SRC).
  • This study was conducted across 26 London neonatal units in collaboration with the London Operational Delivery Network and our pan-London NeoTRIPS trainee network.
  • The one-year data collection period closed in September 2021 and data analysis is currently underway…
  • Study protocol
  • Trainee Leads – Jessica Kimpton, Rie Yoshida, Jo O’Sullivan, Catherine Longley & Katie Evans
  • Consultant Leads – Dr Chinthika Piyasena, Dr Sorana Galu, Dr Cheryl Battersby & Dr Devangi Thakkar