Kimpton J, A, Verma A, Thakkar D, Teoh S, Verma A, Piyasena C, Battersby C: Comparison of NICE Guideline CG149 and the Sepsis Risk Calculator for the Management of Early-Onset Sepsis on the Postnatal Ward. Neonatology 2021;118:562-568. doi: 10.1159/000518059



    • 16.7.19: KSS Study Day, Implementing a Trainee Research Network
    • 17.9.19: Homerton study day
    • 20.9.19: London Neonatal ODN
    • 2.10.19: North-West London Network Meeting
    • 11.10.19: GGKT Meeting
    • 23.10.19: Neonatal Research Evening
    • 20.11.19: North West London Maternity Transformation Programme
    • 9.12.19: North Central London Local Maternity System